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  • Simple 2-minute application
  • Approval within 24-hours
  • Funding within days


  • We work with many industries
  • You pay no upfront fees
  • Your bad credit is ok


  • We have money to lend now
  • We give honest, professional advice
  • When your bank says “no,” we say “yes”

Have you been turned down by a bank because you have bad credit?

Many banks don’t seem to want to lend money to business owners these days. The good news is: we’re not a bank. We’re First Choice Business Capital, and we specialize in business loans for good business people, even if you have bad credit. So, stop stressing about not having the money you need to run your business. We’re here to help!

At First Choice Business Capital, our loan approval process is very fast. Most loans get approved within 24 hours. Funding happens within just a few days. From the time we receive a completed application, to the time your business has money in your bank account, can be as short as a week’s time. There’s no longer any reason for you to wait!
Are you tired of endless paperwork and months of waiting only to find out that your loan has been declined? The length of time that it takes for a bank to process everything is can be very frustrating. Most banks want so much information that has nothing to do with your loan, it’s infuriating! By the time all the paperwork is submitted and reviewed, many weeks, if not months, have passed. Meanwhile, the financial situation of your business has gotten worse, and you’ve lost valuable time. Not with us!

Our 2-minute application saves you a lot of time, as does our 24-hour approval process. We collect only the information we need, and get you approved and funded quickly. So, if you need a business loan fast, then fill out the application today.

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More Approvals

Have you been declined by one or more banks for money for your business? Have you wondered if there’s a better way to get the money you need for your business? There is! At First Choice Business Capital, 90% of the loan applications we receive get approved. This is a statistic we are very proud of! Our company works hard to get you the money your business needs and deserves.

More Money For You

At First Choice Business Capital, our goals is to meet your business financing needs quickly, efficiently and professionally, without the hassle of traditional bank loans. We offer completely-customized financing programs for every size of business. We work with many different types of businesses, regardless of credit background. Our approval process is not just based on credit score. We look at the “big picture,” and use realistic loan underwriting practices.


Over 50% of businesses can’t get a bank loan. If your business is unable to get a loan, then please contact us, and give us an opportunity to shine! Fill-out the 2 minute application, and see how fast and easy getting funding for your business really is. First Choice Business Capital is here to help, and remove unneeded stress in your life.

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